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Professionelle Saxophon-Gurte Sax Straps von Cebulla

What is special about the original Cebulla Sax-Strap?

The Neck Area

Major nerves and the blood supply for the brain run through the cervical vertebrae. With the Cebulla Sax-Strap this area of the neck remains open while the weight and pressure are distributed to the muscles of the left and right sides of the neck.

The Area of the Carotid Artery ( Ateria Carotis)

When the fit of a strap is too long, one can pull the length adjuster upwards thereby shortening the strap. Unfortunately, doing this creates unpleasant pressure on the right and left sides of the neck, compromising the carotid arteries ( see arrows).

The Original Cebulla Sax-Strap is available in 5 different lengths. Once you have chosen the size that is correct for you, the length adjuster will be fully down and the strap will not affect the carotid artery.

100% Handmade

All straps are manufactured and tested, from start to finish, by my own hand. Each strap is unique and therefore may not look exactly like, nor be the same length on you, as the straps shown in the photographs. Small variations are part of the nature of the straps.

Because leather is a natural product, it is not always perfect and it will carry the marks of authenticity. Unique and individual markings may appear on a hide and should not be considered as defects. Instead, they give leather a unique identity, which enhances its natural beauty and characteristics. Some of those are scars, neck wrinkles, veins. fire brand, insect bites and scratches.

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