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Professionelle Saxophon-Gurte Sax Straps von Cebulla

How do I measure for my strap?

Measure your current strap as in the images to the right. Put the length adjuster in the same position you would use while playing your instrument ( playing position). Now, as shown, lay the strap in this position along side a tape-measure and measure the strap from the top edge of the leather part to the end of the hook. Compare your measurement with the list below to find your length-group quickly and easily: CS // S // M // L // XL // or the Deluxe Bari Sax-Strap.

List of seven different strap lengths

The different length-groups

For example: Your length in the playing position is about 56 cm, it means that you find your strap, if you look at the M medium group, please go to  Product List.

  • CS curved Soprano = 45 cm
  • S short = 52 cm
  • SM short-medium = 52 cm
  • M medium = 57 cm
  • L long = 62 cm
  • XL super long = 70 cm
  • Bari Sax = 64 cm