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Professionelle Saxophon-Gurte Sax Straps von Cebulla

Manufacturing and materials of the Cebulla Sax-Strap

Because leather is a natural product, it is not always perfect and it will carry the marks of authenticity. Unique and individual markings may appear on a hide and should not be considered as defects. Instead, they give leather a unique identity, which enhances its natural beauty and characteristics. Some of those are scars, neck wrinkles, veins. fire brand, insect bites and scratches.

Material of the outer face

The outward facing leather is made of high quality untreated cowhide in black or Deluxe brown.

The Lining

The inward facing leather

On every strap the leather that rests on your skin is of the same natural bright color that will not rub off.

For those who wear the strap snugly against the skin, I highly recommend to lay a cloth (handkerchief) between the strap and neck. This will protect your skin and prevent damage to the leather from perspiration.

- Let the leather of the strap dry well every day.

- Use a cloth between the inward facing leather and your neck skin.

- Take leather grease or leather care from time to time.

When damp, microorganisms change the leather and the structure is destroyed. 

The cushion between the outer leather face and the interior leather face consists of a rubber-equivalent material with a cell structure that has a cell size of 0.136 mm3 (cubic millimetre). It adapts to the individual shape of your neck and provides for optimum weight distribution on the left and right muscles of the neck, keeping the vertebrae area free.

The Cord

The New Cord

The original Cebulla Sax-Strap has a 16-strand braided cord, which allows very fine and smooth adjustment / setting of the length. In combination with the new length adjuster, the selected cord setting remains in place. In the relaxed position, without weight on the cord, the adjuster can easily and quickly be reset.
The / lengths of cord are CS / S / SM / M / L / XL / Bari Sax ( see the list of seven different strap lengths).

Attachment of the cord

Highest quality for your safety

The cord is stiched with a double linen thread 16-18 times to the leather part. The terminal filament is sewn into the last stitch of the cord.

The Length Adjuster

There are two adjusters to choose from   NEW - NEW - NEW - NEW

- The NEW ALUMINIUM  length ADJUSTER is made of light metal with a thin plastic coating. Using a special drill the holes are bored and completely rounded without an inner edge. This allows very accurate movements along the cord.

- The New EXTRA WIDE ADJUSTER is a 6-hole length adjuster which do not affect the carotid artery whether the adjuster is fully up or down. The feeling is much better in front of the neck. The material is a very strong industrial plastic.

All straps are equipped with a 16-strand braided cord, and there are three different clasps to choose from.



The new version with a 6 - hole length adjuster which will not affect the carotid artery 
whether  the adjuster is fully up or down.
All combinations ( leather, hook, all sizes)  are available with this NEW adjuster, ask for more information.

" Please ask your local dealer."

The Clasp

There are three different styles of clasp

  • The glass fiber reinforced closed black clasp is rated in tests to hold up to 50 kg.
  • The brass metal closed clasp.   - NEW-  Please mind that it can rub the ring on your instrument.
  • The metal brass hook is subject to natural abrasion when the hook is loaded by the weight of the baritone saxophone.  This cannot be avoided with continuous use from approx. 3-5 years.  Please take care, it is a natural process of wear and tear. We do not give garnatie in this respect.
  • The black open metal clasp. ( Suitable for oboe, basson, clarinet or others with a small ring). 

Special models

The White-Strap Cebulla

By special request, I offer you the Cebulla Sax-Strap with white leather outer face. This strap has a brass closed clasp with a white cord 16-strand braided. The length adjuster is gold-plated as shown in the image on the right.





 The NEW gold-plated length adjuster no longer available!




The SM short-medium strap with 52 cm total length

On request, I offer you the new short-medium strap instead of the S version. At 52 cm in length, the leather part extends over the clavicle and protects this part of the skin. The S version in comparison, has a shorter leather part, so the cord could rub the skin at this point, ( click on  Product List SM Cebulla short-medium). 


Carefully crafted to the smallest detail, with competent and critical judgment in the selection of natural leather, along with continuing evaluation of each product to ensure consistent high quality: these are the hallmarks of The Original Cebulla Sax-Strap.